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An Independent,
KJB, soul winning Baptist Church
Pastor Floyd Myers



West Lawn Baptist

Since 1963, West Lawn Baptist Church has had a rich and unique heritage. Started in the house of Pastor and Mrs. Floyd Myers along with their 6 children, West Lawn Baptist has had just 2 pastors in its 40+ year history

Before moving to its present address, the church met near Midway Airport as the Baptist Revival Center. In May 1984, God led Pastor Emeritus Myers and the membership to purchase our present building at 6401 South Komensky and rename the church West lawn Baptist. It was nothing short of a miricle that God enabled our congregation to purchase our property debt free.

In February of 1989, upon Pastor Myers' retirement, the church called on our current pastor, Rev. David Meece. Brother Meece and his wife, Hope have six children. Their oldest son, Daniel is a Bible college graduate - the others remain at home.

West lawn Baptist Church is an independent fundamental, soulwinning, KJB, missionary-minded church. Currently the church supports 20 missionaries and mission projects including a sister church, Tri County Baptist of Ambia, Indiana.

If you like straight forward, compassionate preaching and a warm, family like atmosphere, come be our guest at West Lawn Baptist Church - The Church that cares!



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