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Salvation Plain and Simple by Dr. Curtis Hutson


How Can I Be Sure That God Was Satisfied With the Payment Jesus Made?

I can answer that in three words - an empty tomb! When the prisoner is set free it means the debt to society has been paid.And when God raised Jesus from the dead, He was saying to the whole world, "I am satisfied with the payment My Son made for your sins."

In a certain part of the world when a merchant is selling goods, he does not put a price tag on them. He simply displays his goods on a counter or table. When someone comes along wishing to buy the item, he begins to lay down money. If the merchant is not satisfied with the price offered, he leaves the money on the table. When enough money is put down to satisfy the merchant, he reaches down and takes it up. When he does, he indicates, "I am satisfied with the payment." When God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, He said to the whole world, "I am satisfied with the payment My Son made for your sins."

That's what the Bible means in Isaiah 53:10 when it says, "It pleased the Lord to bruise him..." That expression does not mean that God got certain joy or glee out of seeing Jesus die on the cross. The word "pleased" literally means "satisfied". In Isaiah 53:11 the Bible says, "He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied..." The death of Jesus Christ on the cross fully satisfied the just demands of a holy God. And we must accept the satisfaction that Jesus made to God for our sins, or satisfy God ourselves. Dear friend, if we satisfy God ourselves that means we must die, go into Hell, and stay there forever and ever. That's the payment He demands.




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